Amazon FBA Detail Guide for Sellers

Amazon Seller Guide

Amazon FBA is one of the world’s leading sellers simply a big giant in e-commerce. Selling almost all the things online with a new concept as well as innovative products. Amazon Seller Providing an opportunity to the whole world to get benefits by reshaping the face of buying and selling.

You are an entrepreneur who is going to a solo business or has an idea to start a company that will sell the different items. Selling of items varies from specialized category like from selling tons of green tea to sell very specific unique beauty products. Across the continents, amazon has unable the millions of sellers to sell the product hassle-free and to the most trusted buyers with leading organic reviews with rankings.

Congratulations! You are on the right platform and going to be informative with a very descriptive overall summary. Here we will guide you step by step with informative tips till your product is online.

Amazon Seller

Amazon Sellers

Amazon Seller Guide will help your dreams get true of making seven-figure revenues while sitting on your cozy sofa without worrying about working 8-9 hours every day. Every two weeks amazon will send your profit in your preferred payment method. Returns and refunds are managed by Amazon, so you are also hassle-free in this aspect of selling.

Amazon is currently operating in 12 main countries which are as follows France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, China, the UK, the USA, and Canada which has currently over 5 million people selling their products at comparable rates.

The good news is that if you don’t have money no need to worry about it. If your business has potential, in this case, Amazon can offer you a market competitive loan.

After reading the following steps you will be able to sell on Amazon. So, let’s start!

Find a market-oriented product

There are many paid even some non-paid software are available which will help you get to know market trends and help you find low competitor products.

Source the product across the world

After finding a good reasonable product you can find a lot of online websites like Alibaba which can help you get products in bulk quantity with some good profit margin. You can find products and negotiate with the seller and modify the products according to your needs.

Product listing

It is one of the most important steps in your sale. You need to make a good and keywords list so that you can appear in search. In addition to it if you have attached a picture with a good resolution it is a positive point. You can add a maximum of 9 pictures at one time. One of the most popular software to-do listings is price blink.

Delivery plans

If you have chosen fulfillment by amazon, there is a chance that you can increase the profit margin. The storage space i.e. warehouse will be provided by amazon for which it takes some fee. The fee varies from dangerous to non-dangerous products which are calculated per cubic foot. They usually charge per year, but a half-year payment method is also available. You must manage the product inventory so that it can’t run out of stock and meanwhile you must sell the product quickly so that the fee for the warehouse should not be piled up.

Promote the product

Now you must promote the product. There are many paid ways like sponsored ads on Amazon. You can even use Instagram, Facebook paid ad campaigns,s and sometimes influencers to promote the product.

Tips to gain customer

  • You should reply to customers very quickly
  • Both air and land delivery should be available
  • Free shipment and free return
  • Sufficient inventory
  • Free give away
  • Ad campaign on social media