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The process of optimising your Amazon product listings to rank higher in Amazon searches for similar keywords is known as Amazon search engine optimization (Amazon SEO). When you optimize your product listing, you make it easier for Amazon to find it and reveal it to customers searching for a product like yours.

Amazon keyword optimisation, Amazon product title optimisation, product image optimisation, backend keywords, pricing strategy, and the Amazon A9 algorithm are usually involved in Amazon SEO processes.

Ways To Improve Product Rankings On Amazon

Step 1: Amazon Product Title

Make sure the title contains all relevant information, with the product name appearing first. A product title, according to Amazon, should contain the following: Brand Name, Product, Material, Colour, and Quantity.

Step 4: Amazon Product Images and Description

You should not underestimate the power of images. It is one of the most important selling points. The objective of the product description is to convince the consumer to make a purchase. It is important to stress on the product’s positive characteristics.

Step 2: Amazon Keyword Research For Product Keywords

Choose the most appropriate keywords for the products you are selling. Best way to do this is by looking at the top bestselling products in your category. Analyse and extract relevant keywords.

Step 5: Product Reviews & Ratings

Ratings and feedback for a product are another important factor that is measured and considered for better rankings. Simultaneously, they ensure that the rankings strengthen in an indirect way.

Step 3: Amazon Product Price

Be sure to check the competition for all similar goods whenever you set a price for your product. Price differences that are larger will never be beneficial.

Step 6: Use FBA for your Product

A monthly fee is charged for a Professional Seller Account. Though it can seem to be a little pricey at first, it is well worth it. It exempts you from paying the charges on the sale of each product that you would have to pay if you had an Individual Seller Account.

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