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Design And Branding

We guide you on how to maintain a strong brand identity, from keeping the brand identity to store management is all our responsibility. Your credibility and reviews determine whether a customer prefers you over your rivals.

Credibility is everything while selling on Amazon. No matter you are a brand or manufacturer, you have a name that you must maintain. When a buyer visits your Amazon listings or storefront, what customer remember is your images & reviews.

How brands on Amazon are built in terms of branding and design

Rich Media

Attractive images with A+ content sell the best. It enhances the shopping experience by incorporating rich media and material such as photographs and text. We can surely help you in enhanced brand content creating.

Customer Service

Over time, a brand can improve its customer experience by improving business-related metrics such as traffic, revenue and interaction.


A business logo that resonates with the consumers is the first step in branding. As names are quickly forgotten but logo and graphics always stick around. 

Unique Design

You can select your design from a variety of templates with different store layouts and customizable features to ensure that your brand appears at its “best” to customers.

Brand Identity

To retain the brand’s identity, everything from social media content to Amazon ads should be consistent.

A to Z Solutions

Amazex is A to Z Amazon services agency that helps Brands establish a leading presence on world’s largest Marketplace. We provide support & help to grow businesses on Amazon.