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Freight Forwarding

Are you looking for best freight forwarders for amazon fba? Freight and shipping are a big topic for Amazon sellers, but it can be complex and in some cases, it is things like freight which can put a potential business owner off making the decision to take a slice of the Amazon FBA pie.

What could be your scariest freight horror story? Getting crushed by customs because of late paperwork? Secret freight surcharges obliterating your profit margins? Many online sellers stick to importing the same way they have been importing for years because they are scared how a new freight forwarder might be.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: What is a Freight Forwarder?

An Amazon FBA freight forwarder is a company that assists sellers with transporting their goods from the overseas factory to Amazon distribution centres. Once you have completed your product research, found a manufacturer to create your product, and accounted for your first inventory shipment, you may think you are ready to sell but that is where you need a freight forwarder.

3: Why would sellers prefer to use an FBA Freight Forwarder?

As shipping experts in an international industry with several moving parts, many freight forwarders can make arrangements with other transportations services to help you save on the costs. Putting your product in a  trusted carrier goes a long way. Working with an Amazon FBA freight forwarder will help you save money on transportation rates, which are subject to change daily.

2: New to selling on Amazon?

International trade is complex and mistakes in international trade can be ridiculously expensive. Having a freight forwarding company working on your behalf, is like having someone holding your hand down the way. If you do not have someone in your corner, you may ship something without the appropriate paperwork, experience delays due to inspections, ultimately resulting in your product being confiscated.

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