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Lately, many third party sellers have begun to explore diversifying their business models. Constant apprehension about account suspensions and listing hijackings motivates many sellers to establish a presence off the Amazon platform third party sellers faced numerous legal issues in 2020. Lots of them are relatively new and specific to conducting business in cyberspace.

Based on our experience and knowledge base we can help you with all legal concerns in running and managing your Amazon business.

Common Legal apprehensions

Sales Tax

For years, third party sellers have been caught in the legal crossfire amid Amazon and state taxing authorities. The recent trend is for Amazon to collect sales tax, as a fundamental shift.

Listing Hijacking

This is one of the most common problems for private label sellers. Unlike sellers working in the retail arbitrage business model, private label sellers flourish by selling unique products. These mini brands depend on owning their own listing and buy box.

Anti-Trust Concerns

Amazon remains the subject of congressional scrutiny for potential anti-trust violations. For sellers, some of the important concerns include advertising, buy box eligibility, access to consumer and manufacturer information.

Combating the Black Hat Tactics

Sellers constantly complain about the Black Hat tactics of competitors in violation of Amazon’s Terms of Service. Numerous of these seller accounts appear to originate from outside of the United States. Black Hat tactics involve leaving fake reviews, hijacking listings, and placing fake orders to manipulate the Amazon’s A9 algorithm. 

A to Z Solutions

Amazex is A to Z Amazon services agency that helps Brands establish a leading presence on world’s largest Marketplace. We provide support & help to grow businesses on Amazon.