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 Amazon account


Suspension & Reinstatement

Suspension protection program is like acquiring insurance for your Amazon seller account. We actively monitor your accounts performance for items that might trigger suspension system and act immediately to help you reinstate your listing or account when it is unpreventable. Our Amazon specialists’ team will draft your Appeal Letter and Plan of Action to give you the fastest resolution.

Get your account reinstated, our team of experts will help you create an effective appeal with a plan of action ensuring Amazon that your rates will stay in acceptable limits. We know precisely what the Amazon Performance Team is looking for and have high success rate with our existing clients. At Amazex, we provide services that help Amazon Accounts prepare for the unexpected or resolve Amazon account suspension and avert losses in time, money, and effort.

Most common suspension reasons:

Various Amazon accounts

Listing reported as an inauthentic item

Neglected negative performance

Expired items

Listed against Amazon condition guidelines

Listing reported as a counterfeit item

Product safety complaints from the customers or competitors

Used item sold as new

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