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Language is not a barrier it is a doorway to new opportunities. Human translation increases traffic and conversion rates, but most companies can’t do it to scale. If your catalogue is only available in one language, you’re seriously restricting the growth potential of your Amazon store. You’ll need to localise your product listings if you want to sell on other Amazon global marketplaces.

Best way to do that is by our Amazon translation services. Our qualified interpreters make the process of translating and updating multilingual products listings very easy and affordable. In ecommerce translation, we process millions of words every week from sellers all over the world.

Product description translation

Consumers are 75% more likely to buy a product if it is written in their own language. High in volume and impact, product descriptions are the lifeline of ecommerce. Our flexible system can handle millions of words per week, allowing you to grow your company internationally quickly.

User review translation

User-generated content is 1 times more trusted than company-created content, making it some of the most influential content on your platform. With user opinions translated by real people, you can gain consumer trust, valuable insight, and company reputation.

A to Z Solutions

Amazex is A to Z Amazon services agency that helps Brands establish a leading presence on world’s largest Marketplace. We provide support & help to grow businesses on Amazon.