What to sell on Amazon FBA: The guide (2021)

What to Sell on Amazon Fulfillment by Amazon: Product Standards

You may not realize it, but there are some strict criteria you need to follow to ensure that you are researching and choosing the best products to sell on Amazon FBA. This is tempting, to begin with, but you shouldn’t try to sell famous or branded products.

Amazon is the platform that best lends itself to selling your branded products at competitive prices. Most Amazon shoppers are not interested in buying big brand products; They are interested in buying a decent product at a low cost for themselves.

This strategy means that you are likely to compete head-to-head with other sellers offering similar products, so alongside specific product standards, you must also take a similar but better route.

sell on amazonWhere to buy products to sell on amazon fba

In other words, sell the same product, but make sure it is listed under your own brand and offers something extra. The extra doesn’t have to be a big deal, just faster shipping or maybe a better product listing with overall satisfactory service. So, let’s take a look at the most important criteria to consider when deciding what to sell on Amazon FBA.

Get a quality product from a reliable supplier

You must inspect, test, and test every product that you decide to sell on Amazon FBA. Getting your products from a trusted supplier and making sure they are of the highest quality is an important part of the research and sourcing process when deciding what to sell on Amazon FBA. Get to know your supplier and build a relationship because the products you sell will be your responsibility at the right time.

Set the sale price between £ 10 and £ 50

Any product you list or sell for less than £ 10 is unlikely to bring you any decent kind of profit. You need to sell in bulk, which is definitely not a problem when using Amazon FBA, as Amazon will handle the storage, packaging, and shipping, but ensuring great sales is another matter.

You will need to be a marketing expert to promote your product, and at this price, it is doubtful that you have a unique product, so the competition will be very fierce.

On the contrary, if you sell your product for £ 50, there is a chance for more profit, assuming you have searched and done well, and you will have to sell less.

Between £ 10 and £ 50, it’s small enough for buyers to make a quick decision, which is exactly what you want because it means more sales for you.

Choose to Sell a specialized product

This is the most important criteria to follow when selling on Amazon FBA. Your products should be industry-specific, not category-specific. Once you’ve decided which category you’ll sell within Amazon FBA, let’s say pets, for example, you’ll need to dig into that niche, and even deeper until you discover a very specific product that sells well but also has little competition.

Select a Small and light product

The heavier and larger your product, the more complex it will be to ship. This applies even when sold on Amazon FBA.

You’ll also need to consider shipping costs, initially from the manufacturer and later when Amazon FBA meets them. The bigger and heavier the product, the costs will be. Keep in mind that many buyers can expect free shipping even if they are not prime members.

Private label for your product

Gone are the days when generic unbranded products were sold on Amazon FBA! Today, the most profitable option is to privately label your products, that is; All you have to do is mark it as yours.

Choose a Simple Product

As you think about what to sell on Amazon FBA, a popular moving category is electronics. Although the electronics-related category also has great potential for customer problems. Products may malfunction, contain prohibited products such as batteries, and can usually cause headaches if you choose the wrong product.

Select a Product that Solves a Problem or Fulfils a Need

As people browse Amazon, it’s rare that they aren’t looking for a specific type of product.

For example:

  • An attentive teenager searching for a cure for acne
  • A parent interested in looking for an affordable baby monitor
  • New artist looking for pencils at competitive prices
  • A fashion designer trying to find a high-end bag.

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