How to Rank product Higher on Amazon

If you are trying to rank your product listing on Amazon you just need to know what procedures and algorithms Amazon is using to Rank your product on top. Amazon’s ranking criteria are totally independent and different from other search engines like google.

Amazon Algorithm focused solely on product listed on Amazon and do not support factors like social media presence and backlink channels like google. When users conduct a search on Amazon the algorithms pull relevant products from their catalog of listed products.

So, which product listings are eligible to rank at the top of search results for a specific keyword?

There are various factors that influence the order of products.

  1. Customer reviews: Amazon ranks the product higher having a rating above 4 stars. Amazon wants the best product listings to earn conversions and enhance the customer buying experience.
  2. Image quality: Potential leads want to see clear images of your products, so they can judge easily which product is suitable for them. Images with high resolution will lead to a higher chance of earning conversions.
  3. Pricing: Amazon algorithm can predict your conversion rate based on your pricing. If your prices are higher comparatively Amazon assumes that your conversion will be low and rank your product lower.
  4. Relevance to query: Amazon ranks your product on the basis of to what extent it is relevant to the searched keyword. Amazon gets this information from your title, bullet points, description, and keyword selection.

These are the elements you have to keep in your mind when you are ranking your product.

Tips for boosting your Amazon product ranking

Now that you have a better understanding of how Amazon ranks its products, it’s time to start optimizing your product listings for better conversions.

Earn customer reviews

When a customer purchases your product ask them in a polite way to leave a review about the product. Encourage them to be honest about their experience.

Customers are not looking for all 5-star rating reviews but they want to see 4+ stars because they can see what people like and dislike about the product.

When you get negative reviews, respond to them in a way that your business is trying to resolve the issue. They feel confident if you try to rectify things if they have a poor experience buying your product.

Integrate keywords for SEO

Optimization starts with choosing the right keywords. Relevant keywords reach relevant leads, which will in turn lead to more conversions.

You can look for relevant keywords by using the Magnet by Helium10 keyword tool. Your main keyword must be placed in the title of your listing. While filling out the Amazon listing include other keywords in the product description and details. You need to integrate keywords in your listing once. This allows you to rank for other specific keywords, so you can drive more valuable leads to your product.

For the keywords you can’t fit into your description, you can plug them into the backend of your listing. These backend keywords as the name suggests won’t appear in your listing, but your product can still rank for them.

Use high-quality images for listing optimization

When you are selling online it is very important to provide valuable information regarding your product. Photos are one of the most significant elements to help your business earn conversions. So, add high-quality images to your Amazon product listing.

If the customer zooms in to a low-quality photo, they won’t get to see the details of your product. It can deter them from converting. If your images are of high quality, your audience will get a better look and can see if they’re a good fit for your needs.

Price optimization

The price of your product must be less than your competitor’s if you sell your product at a higher price Amazon believes that you won’t get many conversions and as a result, Amazon ranks your product lower.

Customers are looking for the best deals at Amazon. So, make sure you are selling your product at an average price and reach valuable leads.

Answer questions

Answering questions does not directly affect Amazon’s product ranking, but it does influence conversions. The number of questions asked about your product, Amazon will place them at the top of your product listing. Amazon knows that customers are going to ask questions about the product, so they list the link at the top of the page.

By addressing the asked questions you are helping other potential customers and indirectly encouraging them to purchase your product, which will for sure improve your ranking.

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