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Customer engagement
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Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

EBC drives greater customer engagement, traffic to your Amazon listings and conversion to sales. We provide a full EBC creation service to design and create this across all of the Amazon products we manage on your behalf. Images, videos, content and keywords are the major factors to educate your customers about your product. It’s not just about creating premium content for your brand that looks good, but also helps you in generating high sales velocity.

Other benefits of EBC includes

  • Product visibility and brand awareness
  • Increases conversions
  • Customer loyalty and retention
  • Improves brand reputation and customer trust
  • Better  customer experience
  • Inspires up-sell

Why Amazex!

We know for the fact that it can be frustrating to fall at the heels of inferior competitors, Due to which we offer a team of certified professionals with 99% success rate. All we require is, for you to buckle up and have confidence in us, to work with you to deliver a successful business plan.

Give your listing an appealing and attractive look
Offers better understanding of your product
High conversion rates
Help customers in a confident purchase
Reduce bounce-offs

Account Growth & Supercharge Sales

Step 1

Our experienced team will create highly compelling enhanced brand content (EBC) and A+ content, bringing your target audience in an extinguished way and drive conversions.

Step 3

Our expert copywriters deliver keyword sensitive and Amazon-optimized A+ content to maximize conversions.

Step 2

We will promote your product features with powerful content.

Step 4

We shall guide you through Amazon Marketing focusing upon Sponsored Ads, Promotion schemes and A+ content.

A to Z Solutions

Amazex is A to Z Amazon services agency that helps Brands establish a leading presence on world’s largest Marketplace. We provide support & help to grow businesses on Amazon.