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Delivering the deep the deep
insights for your
Amazon Store

Performance Coverage & Reports

Utilising analytical tools, tailored tech, and skilled knowledge, we can generate tailored reports to deliver you with precise and update reporting on the marketing metrics. The personalised reports are centred according to your objectives and the aiming metrics you wish to monitor and are presenting each market, allowing us to adapt to distinct strategies based on market comparisons.

Why Amazex!

We know for the fact that it can be frustrating to fall at the heels of inferior competitors, Due to which we offer a team of certified professionals with 99% success rate. All we require is, for you to buckle up and have confidence in us, to work with you to deliver a successful business plan.

Detail Featured Amazon Marketing Coverage
Upfront Reporting
Marketing Metrics and Analytics Coverage
PPC Management and optimization
Affiliate marketing performance reviews
Boost your Amazon advertising ROI
Enhance your Amazon presence

Likes of Amazon coverage through reporting

Search Reports

This report divulges all the search terms consumers enter into Amazon before they click on your sponsored ads. Considering new and/or negative keywords; such reports find customer keyword conversion rate, giving us a better understanding of the performance of different match types.

Sales & Inventory Reports

Sales reports informs about the Amazon fulfilled Shipments, Customer Shipment Sales, Sales Tax and FBA Sales Lift... The inventory report focuses on Standard & Reserved Inventory. Daily & Monthly inventory, Inventory adjustments and Inventory Health in general.

Business Reports

Business reports comprises on a vast variety of various reports covering many aspects of your Amazon store in general such as Payment Reports, Customer Concessions Reports, Removal Reports, Fulfilment Reports (FBA and FBM).

A to Z Solutions

Amazex is A to Z Amazon services agency that helps Brands establish a leading presence on world’s largest Marketplace. We provide support & help to grow businesses on Amazon.