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Customized Techniques to
maximise Amazon PPC
Return on Investment

Sponsored Advertising

Amplifying sales of Amazon sponsored products while shrinking advertising costs is a balancing act. By utilizing our experience and knowledge to your Amazon PPC campaigns, we know how to optimise your Amazon PPC strategy. By fusing Ad implementation and informed strategy with data-driven approach, we can increase sales while keeping the ACoS down.


We offer variety of Amazon marketing services for all budgets and offer strategies for launching PPC campaigns to drive up conversions and keeping ACOS (Advertising cost of sale) low. From one to hundreds of products, we have the expertise to design custom Amazon product advertising programs that will make the greatest impact on your sales. Our team will continue to optimize, and monitor campaigns based on key performance indicators (KPIs) to confirm they are performing at a high degree. While, working with you, we will create a holistic strategy to grow your sales profitability via Amazon Advertising.

Why Amazex!

We know for the fact that it can be frustrating to fall at the heels of inferior competitors, Due to which we offer a team of certified professionals with 99% success rate. All we require is, for you to buckle up and have confidence in us, to work with you to deliver a successful business plan.

Successful advertising & listing strategies
Improved conversion and sales
Develop competitive pricing strategies
Benchmark against the competition
Paid search and social media marketing

Our approach for business growth

Market Analysis & Audit

We analyse the products against the competition to find your certain niche market.

Campaign Scheme

Our in-depth grasp of sales cycles implies we can optimise your strategy and Amazon display Ads to achieve the most ruthless sales targets.

Media Plotting

We utilize our tailored tools for planning Amazon product strategies according to your budget requirements and business expansion endeavours.


Looking closely on your keyword’s performance metrics and variations in RoAS, enables us to apply flexible and easily optimised marketing strategies for your Amazon sponsored brand.

A to Z Solutions

Amazex is A to Z Amazon services agency that helps Brands establish a leading presence on world’s largest Marketplace. We provide support & help to grow businesses on Amazon.