How to make money on Amazon without selling??

How to make money on Amazon without selling??

The process of money-making has undergone a revolutionary transformation in the recent past. Moreover, the Covid-19 pandemic has proved to be a catalyst for rapid overhaul and propelled the world towards e-commerce for making money. Although there is a score of platforms for earning money online, Amazon is the primary amongst them. It is leading the global market as well as has attracted millions of people towards it for making money.

How to make money on Amazon without selling??There exist multifarious ways to earn money through Amazon. One can earn huge sums of money by either investing in products or by selling multiple products. The aforementioned ways are conventional and have already attracted a huge audience. As you scroll down, you will come to know that how to make money on Amazon without selling any product. Enlisted below is the list of mechanisms on how to make money on Amazon without even indulging in traditional methods.

1. Affiliate Marketing:

As is evident from the name, in affiliate marketing one gets associated with Amazon and makes money by recommending the products. For this, one ought to have digital outreach either through websites or blogs, or social media. However, if a person doesn’t have any of the aforementioned, he/she can develop it by scratch.

How to make money on Amazon without selling??

The mechanism of making money by becoming an Amazon Affiliate is simple yet interesting. One has to recommend the products in his/her blogs, websites, social media platforms, and articles. For this Amazon offers a commission which can vary around 4% to 10%. This whole process of affiliate marketing is enormously easy. As a result, a person can earn profitable remuneration.

Key Points:

  • A painless and easy method to make lucrative money on Amazon without selling.
  • The online and digital audience is a prerequisite where you can recommend the products.
  • Easy to initiate, maintain, and sustain.

2. Amazon Influencer:

Likewise, one can also earn money by becoming an Amazon Influencer. For this one has to have enormous outreach on social media platforms- Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. If you have a presence on any of the mentioned forums then you can become an opinion leader viz-a-viz start a two-step flow of communication. Amazon influencer is slightly different from Amazon affiliate program. The former requires an inevitably vast social media following while the latter does not demand so.

How to make money on Amazon without selling

To become an Amazon influencer, one needs to get approved by Amazon. Subsequently, approved influencers get a unique URL on their page to show the range of products that are recommended by you. Whenever your followers from any of the social media forums make a purchase of recommended products, you as an influencer get a certain percentage as a commission.

Key Points:

  • Swiftly initiated and maintained.
  • Vast social media following is a prerequisite in order to make money.
  • One’s own customized URL storefront on Amazon.

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